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Holy crap, this stuff works...

Anyone following my "one thing a day" post (a blog on that soon, I am sure) knows that recently I have decided to recommit to my meditation practice. You also know that I known... just a bit... to hashtag about #practicethepause.

Well slap me on the butt and call me a biscuit, this crap actually works. Three times today I was challenged to remain calm. The first came literally before I could reach my office this morning, at about 7:00. This event was especially frustrating because it is an ongoing issue that is eating away at my happiness and in my eyes is so easily avoided or fixed so I am aware I have a very short fuse on this. And well again it was at 7:00, literally before all the lights were on in the building so that shorten my fuse a bit too.

When the event happened I could feel my ego kick in. I have learned what my eog feels like, not how to avoid reacting to it but what it feel like. I could feel the emotional dominoes falling and I was getting worked up.

Actually it just occurred to me this moment that feeling the emotional dominoes was a big step in itself.

And then suddenly it just hit me... pause... breath... don't react just watch it for a minute and put in it perspective. And, holy crap that is what I did. The event did not highjack my day, it did not leave me stewing, etc. It simply passed.

There was another challenge near the middle of the day. An employee duck in my office and did a negative vibe drive by. I felt myself literally practice the pause this time. I didn't speak, I didn't look up, I didn't even move. I don't know if the employee left because they just wanted to drop the crap bomb and run or because they realized I was not going to react in anyway.

I continued to sit there and dismiss every reaction I was having. Ego said, call her back. Me, nope. Get up and see what is going on. Nope. Go try to fix it. Nope.

And it just went away in a moment and I went back to typing.

The last really fun, I realized while walking into a place to grab dinner after a pretty long day, hey I don't have my wallet. A few minutes later I remembered, oh that is right I left it on the back of my car at the gas station.

Don't get me wrong there were one... maybe two therapeutic f bombs dropped But then I quickly realized okay now what. Fast forward through few things and yeah I don't got it. My poor little wallet is off on its own in this world. Interesting side note, I am poor upset that I made it to 48 without ever loosing my wallet and now my streak is broken.

I practice the pause, have down what I can, and have remain pretty calm about the whole thing.

So like I always say and apparently actually did today #practicethepause #takeamoment #takeabreath. This stuff actually works.

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