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After a weekend with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I spent the weekend getting an introductory course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) both in how to use it and its effects on our world and industry. I will likely do more posts on this in the near future but I wanted to get some initial thoughts out.

AI is not new. Companies and we have been using it for years. Admittedly there has been a huge leap forward in the everyday use of it. And it has certainly hit most of our radars in a way it has not before.

Yes, it is going to make some tasks/jobs obsolete. But so did the invention of the car and the computer and well most of us would not live without it.

Yes, I think it is going to dumb us down as a civilization in some ways and yes we are going to grow to become very dependent on it. But thanks to Waze I do not ever think about looking at a map and I am not sure what I would do if it stop working. 🙂

The “rules” surrounding the rights and usage are still a bit fuzzy right now. Bit of a wild west situation going on but the world is racing to get a handle on AI and its usage. Currently, the US government is meeting to hash out the rules and guidelines but even some of the sources close to the issue admit they are a bit behind on the task. For instance, there will likely be no rules established surrounding the use of deep fake videos prior to the next major election.

AI (for now 😳) still has to be managed by intelligent input. You can’t just type into chatgpt that it needs to make you a millionaire and it happens. Heck, you can’t even have it take notes on your Zoom calls and not check the output before you publish them. (Yes, it does that)

Marketing will still absolutely have its place. As I have mentioned, SEVERAL times “marketing” is the plan that spans all the efforts of advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, and sales. AI is another tool that can and should be managed by your plan, and your marketing.

To even effectively use chapgpt you have to tell it, who it is, who is it talking to and what you want it to tell them. And again you have to check its outputs. The same we currently suggest our clients know and do. AI cannot tell you who you are, who is your target audience and how to engage them in an effective and authentic way. We still need you for that.

All of the images in this post were created by AI. Some took quite a bit of input and time to get the system to create the “right” image and some took much less time but none of them happened without my input and I would say none are “perfect”.

I will probably have more to say on the subject soon and until then… and after that… I will welcome questions and input.


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