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Your but is a killer

I have heard it said that but is a dream killer. I completely agree with that. On a much smaller level and a user level, if you will, but is a sentence killer. I have told numerous people that everything you say in a sentence before but does not count. And if you want that sentence, that thought, to count stop before you say but.

We have all heard it. We have heard it so much that we not accept it. We have all heard someone say, I would love it go but... I want to go out but... I would love to get a new job but... I want to help you with that but... All of those sentence basically are saying but I am not, or I can't or I won't. In most cases, every sentences could be started after the but. I am not going to go. I am not going out. I am not going to get a new job. I am not going to help.

There could have been a but any of the sentences, the idea, the efforts, that have literally lead to changing the world. If there was no but in the sentences, I want to go to space, I want to be president, cure polio, etc. Why should there be in your and my sentences?

But will kill a sentence, a conversation, an idea, an effort, a life... but will kill your dream.

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