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Our top content marketing advice hits...

Top content marketing tips

Instead of expanding on each topic, we thought we would touch on our top hits from the past month (or so) and you can find out more by checking us out on the Social Media site of your choice.

The difference between creatives and creative agency - Most creative types have a look, a feel they are known for, and admittedly, if we are not careful, we will push our look on people. But as a creative agency, it is our job to have effective conversations with you to develop a look that works for your organization and your goals. Are you talking to me? - We can't help you figure out what to say until we figure out who you are saying it to. How we craft your message depends heavily on who you are saying it to. Different groups receive messages differently. Clarity Sells, Clever Confuses. - We discussed the importance of being clear with your audience. It is important to resist the urge to be witty at the cost of clarity. Let's do something fun. - We had some fun with a couple of clients recently. We were involved in some very cool projects. Most notably, a laser tag company and a local brewery. Always up for helping you develop some fresh ideas Don't hand them two bowling balls - This is an idea we borrowed from Donald Miller but when we shared it this month we got a lot of questions. Basically, the idea is when you give your audience a new piece of information it's like handing them a 8 lb bowling ball. Especially in the world of social media you only want to hand them one bowling ball at a time or they are likely to drop both. Social media advice in a few words. - Yes, you should be on social media. You should post as regularly and with as high of quality as you can. Ask... Who are posting for? Would they find this entertaining? And will this motivate them to take the action you want them to? Regularly check your websites - Perform a function check at least once a month on your website. Bad content is better than no content - Well most of the time anyway. Stop waiting for perfect. Concentrate on developing your story, finding your people, and telling them that story through content. Dare to suck at something. Get started. Take the hits. Keep moving. Posting content will not make you money - Not directly and not for most of us. Content should be a stepping stone that leads your audience down a path that will end in a sale. If you see anything that interests you you can check out the social media site of your choice or better yet contact us.

Along with offering a full line of photography and videography services we also offer:

  • Social Media ManagementCourse Creation

  • Branding and marketing solutions

  • Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • Sales Funnel Management

  • Website designing and optimization

Marketing can suck. We get that. Most people struggle with something about their marketing. We develop creative ideas to help you reach your goals.


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