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Can people Grunt at you?

I am certainly not the first to discuss this and I know it mostly from Allan Dib’s “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” but your website should be able to pass the “Grunt Test”. Long story short is at a glance a visitor should be able to answer what you do, what problem it solves, and how they buy it.

This comes up today because as we create visuals and stories that support your business and you they should, at their core, be a reflection of those core elements.

I have been discussing branding sessions and content creation a lot lately. The part of my brain that loves creating new, interesting, and pretty things can get a bit carried away. It is important to temper those impulses with strategy and planning. Lucky for me that is another thing my brain really likes. I know… weird. #blessingandacurse

On social media I think you can expand and develop those ideas a bit more (think of it as an extension) but they should still be “on brand” for you.

Maybe think of it like a ripple on the water. It might be a bit further out but it still came from the same rock/location. Also, once it gets too far out you cannot really tell where it came from.

Let me be the first to admit that I myself often forget this “rule”. :)


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