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Life on purpose...

I had no intention of writing a blog this morning but as I sit in a great local cafe, drinking a fantastic cappuccino, listening to Nora Jones, and munching on my freshly made breakfast panini it occurred to me that I often get asked how I find such good places. Or people tell me how lucky I am to be doing stuff like this.

Although I will admit I am fortunate, luck has nothing to do with it. I make it happen. I live on purpose. I keep looking, keep trying until I find what I want. At least until I find out what is out there so I know if I want it. How do you know if you do not go look? I do not allow myself to be restricted my "what I know" or what is my norm.

Is it what you want or what you know?

I crave more out of life. Not more money or more things but more from each experience. I want things to be as much as they can be. Like this morning. I could have stayed at home but I wanted more out of this meal, this moment. I could have and have often gone to some place like Starbucks but my trip here this morning began with me wondering if there was someplace local that was a little nicer.

Please do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the ordinary but why not, at least occasionally, go for extraordinary. By the way have you ever noticed that word is "extra" ordinary.

I do encourage though, what ever you do, do it completely. Be all there. Fill up the moments, suck up the experience. Learn and grow from the moments. Chase the things that excite your soul. Never settle for less than you think you or the moment can be. Listen to what whispers in your ear. Stop getting in your own way.

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