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Just one new little thing...

Years ago I was face by what I thought were some overwhelming task. I was paralyzed by all the things I needed to do or the magnitude of the things I needed to do. I kept imagining how hard the task was, how hard all the steps were. I was weighed down by the thought, "I can't". But it was a choice between doing these things or laying down and just being done. I didn't know exactly what "being done" meant but I know if felt dark, scary, and final. That is probably the first time I remember hearing that voice saying, "get up!" It was also the first time I came up with a thought that has literally changed my life. I thought okay just do one thing a day that makes your life better, that puts you closer to your goal. No matter how small, just do one thing. And so I began. It is a practice that has taken over my life because it is easy to do. I want to create forum where we share the one new little thing we do everyday to make our life better. The next step, no matter how big or small, we take that brings us closer to your goal. Remember that even 365 tiny steps in a year will get you a lot further down the road that sitting on the edge of your bed lamenting about how it just can't happen.

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