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It starts with showing up...

It only seems appropriate that on a day I do a post to promote my new t-shirt that is now available on my website that I blog a little bit more about living on purpose. Although true be told I do feel live I am preaching this particular sermon a bit too often via blog so far.

Perhaps what I can do is tie my posts from today together and write a bit about how living on purpose brought about some good results.

As you can tell by my earlier post, I went to the Octoberfest yesterday. When I first decided to go I thought, "oh good this will give me a good opportunity to take some photographs". However, before leaving yesterday, I thought of a dozen reason why not to take my "big" camera... I would have to lug it around, there will probably not be any good photograph opportunities, (embarrassingly enough) I still feel kind of self conscious as I start to let me worlds all come together, my poor Sister will have to wait while I fumble with shots, blah blah blah blah...

I am happy to say hypocrisy is a practice that I truly despise. So there is no way I can go around preaching about living on purpose if I do not do it. It is important to note that when I say purpose I mean it as a noun and a verb. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists but purpose is also to have as one's intention or objective.

So yesterday I had a goal.

I was not going to go back on my goal.

To accomplish my goal I had to intentionally take my camera gear.

All the excuses may have come true but my goal had a neccesary first step.

1. Take gear.

And so I did.

And wholly crap I was wrong.

There were great photography oppurtinities. Spontaneous photography conversations kept happening with strangers. There were times its was because I brought the camera that I was having such a good time.

As I have mentioned before I am becoming aware that something in and around my life is changing for the better. As I live my life for a purpose, with purpose, and on purpose things continue to line up and my life is better for it.

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