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That my son is the right question...

The title comes from a scene in IRobot. Great movie, but really who hasn't seen it, right? 😊

Really quick blog between social engagements today. Hey, it happens sometimes I do stuff.

I don't know if this is so much a blog or just some quick out loud (ok in type) thinking.

Earlier I posted about how my mind is wrestling with some topics. I am contemplating my way ahead with my IG page. How to combine my purpose and my passion(s) and what look (both actually and metaphorically) I want to more develop.

BTW the photo is a really loose tie in, it goes back to the whole testing out looks. I am curious if I can maintain something I like and maintain a constant look at the same time. My brain doesn't like constants. I like variety and change.

My reference earlier (as in like 100 words earlier) is some times asking the right question changes everything for the better, it immediately unlocks the truth. And some times it locks you up completely. In a way I know understand what question I need to answer but I do not have the first clue of the answer.

Heck if nothing else this blog is a call for advice and feedback. Can you tell what my passion and purpose is from my account? Can I combine all my passions into one cohesive theme here? Do I even need to worry about that? Do I already have a "look" and I just don't know it? Will I ever date again... wait sorry wrong blog...

Anyway, got to run, off to Octoberfest in the rain. ✌️

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