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A "Tad" more happy...

"A man's about as happy as he makes his mind up to be" I am told Abraham Lincoln said that.

A strange thing happen today. I was in a good mood. Now admittedly "good mood" is not my default but that is not what was strange about this. It was strange because today I was smack dab in the middle of the stuff that I usually blame on my bad mood.

Not only that but last night I had a "networking" event and despite myself there were moments I had a good time. And I certainly had some good conversation with good people.

After the event, I went to the bar.. a good time at a "extroverts" event still leave me with the need to decompress 🤗... and I knew people there and had good conversations with them. I even spoke to someone I didn't know and had a good conversation with them.

And today I had to go out in public about mid morning and at all three of the place I went to someone knew me and we spoke.

All of this hit me out of the blue about lunch time today as I zip out of the building with a bit of a skip in my step. Me being me, I stopped and thought about it.

It occurred to me that where I was today and what was going on had not change, that those people, places and events had not changed, they were just all being them. So, like it or not, it has to be me.

Now do not get me wrong, I did not think to myself, "I decide to be happy" but what I do think is happening is all my work is paying off. Both my "outside" work, if you will, my goals to attend events, to get more involved, force myself to hand out business cards, etc. But also my inward work is paying off. I am far less effected by what goes on around me. I am able to remember that things are not happening to me, it is happening and I am there. I am choosing to let it happen to me. Or to see it selfishly as happening to me.

To be honest this blog, this idea, deserves more development but its getting late after a long week and I don't have more development in me for now. 😊 If nothing else I post this for two reasons today. To give acknowledgment and thank you to the universe for showing this to me today. And also to encourage you all that are still trying. I can be fairly stubborn student so if persistence and effort can work for me it can work for everyone.

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