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No, what's YOUR mission statement...

According to, Mission statements define the organization's purpose and primary objectives. These statements are set in the present tense, and they explain why you exist as a business, both to members of the organization and to people outside it. Mission statements tend to be short, clear and powerful.

I will be honest I think mission statements can be crap. I have worked for numerous organizations that either have one or create one as an "exercise" and the statements do nothing but become a dusty pretty plague hanging somewhere. The statements quickly become forgotten words.

But I got to thinking the other day (I know 🤗 uh oh) should I have have a mission statement? I am obsessed with finding my purpose and living a life a passion. The blog kind of gives it away but I decided that yes I need one. Subsequently I have decided we all need one. It seems kind of absurd to not have a summary of your aims and values. I mean I think we all "kind of" know these things but can you speak it in a short, clear, and powerful way.

I could not.

I will be honest I thought mine would have something to do with photography but one of the things I have come to realized is, for me, photography is a passion, it is something at which I am really good but when asked what is your mission? "Photography" is not an answer.

Photography is something I do, it is not why I do it.

This exercise was VERY good for me. I kept having to go back and edit and ask myself, "is this my mission"? Does this statement include everything I want it to be. Is this statement short, clear, and powerful.

It started to imagine if people were reading this on my website (BTW you can totally read this on my website now) or if I was telling them this at a networking event would they "get it" when I was done? Would it be so vague or lengthy that I would loose them during it? Would it strike them as blah or wow? Would it make the people I want to talk to want to talk to me.

As I have mentioned, I am mulitpassionate person and I kept having to dig deeper to make sure the statement held up against all my passions, against everything I do. It reminded me of the five whys exercise. I use the 5 Whys quite a bit in my life.

It was like a weight was lifted when I finally came to a conclusion. It has also done a lot to help focus my efforts. I find myself asking myself, if my current endeavor aligns with my mission?

My mission statement...

Combining authenticity, creativity, purpose and passion to help inspire every person, place or project to reach its full potential.

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