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I will go find more people that think like me...

That will prove that I am right.

Today someone came to me to "get my advice" which I find more often than not means, let me tell you something and then you agree with me.

When the me agree with them part did not happen she said something like, "let me go find some women to talk to". Meaning let me go find some women that will help me bash men in general.

I kind of laughed it off (and kind of got on to her) but after the conversation I got to thinking (I know, shocking)

, this is that kind of what most people do. They gather like minded people to help prove they are right. Either in reality or on the internet we flock to people that believe as we do so they can reaffirm our opinions (see last blog on opinion vs truth).

There is nothing wrong with gathering with people that believe as we do so we can feel as if we belong to something. I do not believe there is anything wrong with gathering with people to show how many of you support something. There is nothing wrong with gathering with people to have a louder voice to try and convince people are you are right. BUT to believe you are right just because you found a bunch of people that believe you are, well... um... no.

There were a whole bunch of people that use to believe the word was flat. (Actually some still do... its a thing... look it up) If times were different I bet you they would have had a huge Facebook group, whole bars where they hung out, support groups, rallies, etc.

To me if you want to "prove" your right go find people that do not believe what you do and convince them.

I think when we talk to people we need to understand there is a big difference between being right and feeling supported. I will not argue the need to gather with people to feel supported but it is important we do not confuse the two.

I will probably write more on this later but the other thing we need to always ask ourselves is it worth being "right". Personally all right ever got me was alone. I heard it said once, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"

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