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Shame on you... shame on me...

Earlier today I posted the above picture on my photography pages (FB and IG) The caption to the picture is...

Funny how when we get out of our head, out of our own way... I used to never wear any of these because although I like them I let what others might think creep into my head. Holy crap! Really? So now that my mental patterns are a lot more healthy And I wear them, what do you know? Every where I go someone compliments them. #live #life#letgo #ego #liveoutloud #liveonpurpose#bebold #beseen #beyou

By the way, fair warning, thanks to my time at Mellow Mushroom in Aiken, SC (great spot BTW) I now have a belly full of pizza and a few beers so this post may be a bit more "casual" than normal. 😊 But a goal is a goal and I am sticking to my one blog a day challenge.

Earlier this week I was speaking to someone about working out and health. As you may know, I use to be very unhealthy, about 60 lbs unhealthier so it takes very little to get me on the fitness soapbox. Heck, lets be honest it take very little to get me on any self improvement soap box.

We were talking about her reluctancy to go to the gym to workout because everyone there is "in shape". This is something to which I think a lot of us can relate. My comment to her was "Shame on you" if you let someone keep you from being the best you you can be. (By the way, the conversation was a lot more conversational and not nearly as much of a reprimand as it sounds now. 🤗 ) We were talking about how we cannot let other's opinions of us stop us from doing what we want to do, what we need to do.

Well needless to say my post earlier made me think about this. It is amazing to me that I use to let other people run my life so much. Shame on me.

It is amazing what is going to happen in your life when you stop living for other people and start living for you.

I have made this point before but it bears repeating that this does not mean I have silenced the voice my in head that tells me, "I look silly" or "I will fail" or "I should not do things" it just means I listen to him a lot less than I use to. And my life is way better for it.

That and random people give me compliments. Who doesn't like that, right?

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