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I am all these things...

People and their boxes confuse me.

Yesterday someone who I thought already knew said, "Do you have tattoos?!" Ridiculous question since it was seeing my tattoos that prompted the question... but anyway... I bit back my sarcastic retort and simply smiled and said, "Yes". "I thought you were a cooperate man?" She looked legitimately confused when I said, "Well, I am."

I am a guy that graduated with a 3.8 when I received my BS in Management. I've been tattooed about a dozen times. I have drank a $100 bottle of Opus 1 and done shots of wild turkey. I jumped out of airplanes and carried a machine gun in the Iraqi desert. I love the movie Notting Hill. I turn wood, draw, take pictures, write stories, etc. I wear a cowboy hat and run a chainsaw better than most. I have drank coffee from the same tin cup I just used to shave but I'd rather have an expensive cup of Starbucks. I listen to country on the way to the gym and then blast gansta rap while I lift heavy crap. I have gutted my own deer but I also make a kale, cauliflower, and turkey soup like no one else. I used the f word and the word whom...

"What screws us up most is the image in our head of the way things are supposed to be."

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