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Tallulah Gorge, not really back country

Do not get me wrong, Tallulah Gorge, was a beautiful place and I will go back but it was my first "backcountry" camping experience in the GA park system.

As mentioned in my last post, if you are not a reader you can check out my quick video on Tallulah Gorge.

For the record, by backcountry the Tallulah Gorge means another 150 feet past where most of the other people stop. Also, they shoved the two backcountry sites were about 50 feet from each other. More than disappointed since they have the room.

For the record I am horrible at judging distance it may be more like 300 and 100 but still...

There were (at least) two very good parts about staying in the park. One you do not have to drive back after a long day of hiking and two when the last of the people FINALLY left it was fantastic. Well and the obvious advantage of sleeping outside at night. Although that is not everyone's cup of tea.

Going back to the being alone thing. Privately catching the sunset at the highest point in the park was worth the trip.

There were a lot of people at the park. It is for a reason a lot of people will probably like. The views you could get to with just a short walk from the parking lot were amazing. This was taken after a very short walk from the truck.

Oh but let me mentioned the stairs. Although I am in pretty good shape for my age. Like most guys leg day is not my favorite day at the gym. So much in fact that most legs days I am not at the gym. Well it showed at the park. The steps whooped my butt. So if you go, be prepared. Although I will say it inspired me to finally get on the Stair master with some regularity.

So I guess, after some thoughts, I would give Tallulah Gorge a thumbs up. Especially for anyone not wanted to backpack for too long, or at all. It was a beautiful park with great views. Below are some of the pictures from the trip. If you are interested in the whole gallery you can follow the link embedded in the first picture. The pictures below are from my Instagram to keep the file size down. The links to all my social media sites can be found on the top of the webpage.

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