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I don't want to go back...

About a month ago I quit my job. Since retiring from the military about nine years ago I have basically been in cooperate America. I am told I am pretty good at it and admittedly there are some things I do like about it but well obviously not enough to keep me where I was. To sum it up, well, it sucked. So one day, with the very oppressive thought that this can't be how life is suppose to be weighing down on me, I put in my resignation. I will be honest I did not, do not have a good plan. It boils down to... can't stay here... there is some money in the bank... quit... find a new job before money runs out. So I am about a month into the "find a new job" part and well its not working out so well. Nothing to panic about (yet) but I cannot find "the" job. As I have mentioned on here, I am blessed/burden with a certain amount of passion. That passion led me to do some great things and some questionable things, like quit my job, but I continue to live by it. Once I went through the obligatory obligations of job hunting, applying to the expected jobs, going to the expected places, I turn my attention to the things I have a passion for, like... wait for it... photography and t-shirts. I know, I know you never saw that coming. Over the last couple of weeks something has shifted. I spend all my time on the things I love. Those things can easily be summed up on my personal Instagram account.(fitness, kayaking, food, fun...) and now my photography Instagram account. (BTW I am also seeing I have a passion for Social Media.) I find myself getting up early and staying awake late at nights to "work" on those things. I forget what day it is. I spend all my time thinking about how I can make that more a part of my life. Thinking about what the next step can me. Everything else (to include looking for "real" work) has started to suffer. I started to think maybe I have gotten off track, that if I am not careful I won't be able to go back to what I was doing. And then it hit me... I don't want to go back (said in the pouty voice of a three year old leaving the park). I love this. It's true what they say, when you are doing something you love it does not feel like work. Of course unless I can find a way to make "this" pay be a high five figure salary pretty quickly, I have to go back (again slightly pouty). Don't get me wrong I am not done trying to figure a way to not go back. This morning I toyed with the idea of a go fund me campaign but with that being used for things like saving lives and feeding starving people I doubt my campaign would take off. Although my plan does include eccentric billionaire, young profitable start up, or an existing go fund me campaign that funds retired veterans looking to make major creative changes to their life, finding my webpage. Hey! You don't know... I could happen. Either way I continue to live by my personal mantra, At every opportunity point yourself in the direction of your goals. You might just end up where you want to be. Thanks and stay happy.

Wayne (Tad) Jones

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